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Purcellville, Virginia
Vom Airmont German Shepherds
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Our current breeding female is V Brynna vom Airmont.  Alex is a young male who has just completed all of his Schutzhund titles, and passed his breed survey.  Alex is available for Stud.  Emlyn is a young female who has completed her BH and AD titles and has 'a' normal hips and elbows. Ronda and Kona are our personal dogs but are both excellent representatives of the breed.

SG Emlyn vom Airmont
BH, AD, 'a' normal hips and elbows
Emlyn vom Airmont

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V Alex vom Airmont
SchH 2, KKL 1 LBZ, 'a' normal hips and 'a' fast-normal elbows
Alex vom Airmont

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Available for stud.

V Brynna vom Airmont
SchH 1, KKL 1 LBZ, 'a' normal hips and elbows
Brynna vom Airmont

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VA Ronda vom Zabershof
SchH 3, KKl 1 LBZ, 'a' normal hips and elbows
VA Ronda vom Zabershof

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V Karmen von der Konigsgarde
SchH 3, KKl 1, 'a' normal hips and elbows

Karmen von der Konigsgarde

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V Wanja "Kona" vom Haus Juris
SchH 1, KKl 1, 'a' normal hips and elbows
Wanja 'Kona' vom Haus Juris

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V Carlos vom Wiesenborn
SchH 3, KKl 1 LBZ, 'a' normal hips and elbows
"in memory"

Carlos vom Wiesenborn

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Breeding Standards
All of our dogs have proven that they are worthy of being bred and have passed the following rigorous tests:
  • Hip and Elbow certifications
  • (BH) A companion dog obedience and temperament test
  • (AD) A 12-mile endurance run
  • (SchH1) A working title of at least Schutzhund 1, proving their ability in obedience, tracking, and protection
  • (V) A minimum show and confirmation rating of Excellent by a certified judge
  • (KKL1) Breed surveyed by a Kormeister with a rating of Class 1
Ferro vom Airmont Ferro vom Airmont

Ronda's movement Ronda's movement

Carlos heeling Carlos heeling

Kona Kona

Emi relaxing with Peppy Emi relaxing with Peppy