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Purcellville, Virginia
Vom Airmont German Shepherds
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Vom Airmont German Shepherds offers puppy training, basic obedience, and tracking.

Training is the easiest way to build a bond with your puppy, and at vom Airmont, we train you to train your puppy.

Our four-week basic obedience course teaches the basics of sit, down, come, and focus work, while also offering the advantages of socialization and new and interesting experiences for your puppy. We use all positive reinforcement methods to train, and utilize the natural play, prey, and food drive that each puppy naturally has in order to teach new exercises in a fun and inclusive environment. All breeds welcome.

We also teach a four-week Schutzhund-based tracking course that teaches you and your puppy the basics of ground scent tracking and article identification. Tracking is a cerebral, problem solving exercise that works your puppy's brain as much as it works his body and nose.

Amanda heeling with Romel Amanda heeling with Romel

Puppy Training Goals
Week OneWeek Three
Call and release words
Watch me (focus work)
Runaways (recall)
Puppy playtime
Problem solving
Review: watch, sit, down, runaway
With me (walking close while on leash)
Puppy playtime
Week TwoWeek Four
Problem solving
Review: watch, sit
Runaways at a further distance
Puppy playtime
Problem solving
Review: watch, sit, down, runaway, with me
Turn the runaway into a recall (come when called)
Puppy playtime

Contact us for more information about training programs, one-on-one training, tracking, or specific goals.

Breeding Standards
All of our dogs have proven that they are worthy of being bred and have passed the following rigorous tests:
  • Hip and Elbow certifications
  • (BH) A companion dog obedience and temperament test
  • (AD) A 12-mile endurance run
  • (SchH1) A working title of at least Schutzhund 1, proving their ability in obedience, tracking, and protection
  • (V) A minimum show and confirmation rating of Excellent by a certified judge
  • (KKL1) Breed surveyed by a Kormeister with a rating of Class 1
Kona heeling with Elise Kona heeling with Elise

Running a track Running a track

Good Sit Good Sit

Group Training Group Training